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+This example shows how to embed the binary representation of the schema
+grammar into an application and then use it with the C++/Tree mapping to
+parse and validate XML documents. This example is similar to the 'caching'
+example except that it loads the binary representation of the schemas
+embedded into the application instead of pre-parsing external schema files.
+The example consists of the following files:
+ Tool for converting one or more XML Schema files to the compressed binary
+ representation. The output is written as a pair of C++ source files
+ containing the array with the binary data. Use the --help option to see
+ the tool's usage information.
+ XML Schema which describes a library of books.
+ Sample XML instance document.
+ C++ types that represent the given vocabulary and a set of parsing
+ functions that convert XML instance documents to a tree-like in-memory
+ object model. These are generated by the XSD compiler from library.xsd.
+ Binary representation of the library.xsd schema. These files are generated
+ by the xsdbin tool.
+ Input stream implementation with the special-purpose schema grammar
+ decompression algorithm. It is used to load the binary schema representation
+ produced by the xsdbin tool.
+ Driver for the example. It first sets up the Xerces-C++ DOM parser and
+ loads the embedded binary schema grammar for validation. It then performs
+ ten iterations that parse the input file to a DOM document using the DOM
+ parser and call one of the parsing functions that constructs the object
+ model from this DOM document. On each iteration the driver prints a number
+ of books in the object model to STDERR.
+To run the example on the sample XML instance document simply execute:
+$ ./driver library.xml