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Add support for detaching subtrees in C++/Tree
New option: --generate-detach. New test: cxx/tree/detach.
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@@ -56,6 +56,15 @@ Version 3.3.0
on this change see Section 2.11, "Mapping for xsi:type and Substitution
Groups" in the C++/Tree Mapping User Manual.
+ * New option, --generate-detach, triggers generation of detach functions
+ for required elements and attributes. For optional and sequence
+ cardinalities the detach functions are now provided by the respective
+ containers even without this option. These functions, for example,
+ allow one to move sub-trees in the object model either within the
+ same tree or between different trees without copying. For more
+ information refer to Section 2.8 "Mapping for Local Elements and
+ Attributes" in the C++/Tree Mapping User Manual.
* New option, --export-xml-schema, causes the compiler to export/import
types in the XML Schema namespace using the export symbol provided
with the --export-symbol option.