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Version 3.3.0
* New option, --char-encoding, allows to specify the character encoding
- that should be used in the object model. Valid values for the 'char'
+ that should be used in the generated code. Valid values for the 'char'
character type are 'utf8' (default), 'iso8859-1' (new), 'lcp' (Xerces-C++
local code page), and 'custom' (allows to support custom encodings). Note
that if you use a non-default character encoding and include some libxsd
@@ -9,6 +9,10 @@ Version 3.3.0
fist include the correct xsd/cxx/xml/char-<enc>.hxx header, where <enc>
is iso8859-1, lcp, etc. This mechanism replaces the XSD_USE_LCP macro.
+ For the wchar_t character type the only valid value for this option is
+ 'auto' and the encoding is automatically selected between UTF-16 and
+ UTF-32, depending on the wchar_t type size.
* When the XSD compiler is built with Xerces-C++ 3.1.0 or later, enable
handling of multiple imports for the same namespace. Before all
subsequent imports for a namespace were ignored which caused errors