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authorBoris Kolpackov <boris@codesynthesis.com>2017-11-14 10:39:14 +0200
committerBoris Kolpackov <boris@codesynthesis.com>2017-11-14 10:39:14 +0200
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Further work on build2 build, support for non-static plugin on Windows
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@@ -13,6 +13,14 @@ cxx{*}: extension = cxx
cxx.poptions =+ "-I$out_root" "-I$src_root"
+# Load the cli module but only if it's available. This way a distribution
+# that includes pre-generated files can be built without installing cli.
+# This is also the reason why we need to explicitly spell out individual
+# source file prerequisites instead of using the cli.cxx{} group (it won't
+# be there unless the module is configured).
+using? cli
# Specify the test target for cross-testing.
test.target = $cxx.target