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Add feaure: Ability not to generate schema for certain objects/containers
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+! Ability not to generate schema for certain objects/containers
+ Sometimes it can be useful to overlay an object onto existing
+ (or another object/container) table. This is possible now for
+ object if one is careful with order but not for containers.
+ Perhaps an explicit no_schema pragma?
+ Once this is fixed, diagnose using of abstract classes in views.
+ See email from <>/13-Mar-2015.
+! Primary key in to-many container table
+ Can we add 'unique' (similar to 'unordered') to container of object
+ pointers data member that says no duplicate pointers. We can then
+ generate a primary key based on the two ids. In fact, should we not
+ do this by default?
+ The other way to achieve the same end result would be via the support
+ for container indexes (i.e., add unique index based on the two).
+ See email from <>/13-Feb-2015.
! Virtual data member only handle simple type specification
Right now there is no way to say virtual(void*) or virtual(nullable<int>).