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+! Copyright update [doc]
+! C++11 support is not trully header only [c++11]
+! Statement name truncation in PostgreSQL
+ There seems to be a limit on the prepared statement name in PG. The result
+ is that the names are no longer unique (statement already exists error).
+ What we can do to help with that is put the statement kind (perists, find,
+ etc.) part at the beginning of the name rather than at the end as we do
+ now.
+ See email from <>/11-Jun-2014.
+- Add noexcept to move construction and assignment [c++11]
+ Without noexcept some code (e.g., swap()) may have to resorts to copy.
+! Command Line Tools required for ODB binary package on Mac OS
+ It seems without them there are no standard headers in /usr/include. Need
+ to test and document.