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Expand on ability not to generate schema for certain objects/containers
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See email from <>/13-Mar-2015.
+ Perhaps this should be also extended to columns. E.g., column
+ that is an expression.
+ See email from <>/30-Apr-2015.
+ The problem with columns is that it is only a part of the
+ solution. We should also ignore them in the INSERT statements,
+ and that will get hairy. Also it seems we may want to have
+ no_scema but insert column or no_schema/no_insert (expression).
+ Or perhaps if there is no_schema then also assume we are not
+ responsible for the insertion.
+ What if we don't treat it as a column but as an expression
+ rather? I.e., it doesn't even end up in column_counts? Maybe
+ it ends up in expression_count? Will probably have problems
+ with things like empty(-looking) sections.
+ Coming from another side: this will be pretty trivial to
+ implement with an object-loading view. Could we somehow
+ have a custom load implementation (via OVL)? Would also
+ be necessary for query. What about defining other
+ (potentially OL) views based on it. We cannot define a
+ view based on another view.
! Primary key in to-many container table
Can we add 'unique' (similar to 'unordered') to container of object