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Got two questions on the mailing list about that in one week. Maybe
always diagnose lack of public ctor? Maybe with a warning if no
relationship? The no_ctor pragma like no_id?
+? Duplicate columns
+ It can sometimes be useful to map multiple data members to the same
+ column. For example, to map a shared_ptr to another object via id.
+ Or to update object id.
+ To implement this, we will have to be able to ignore duplicates in
+ the INSERT statement and in generated schema. So there will have to
+ be quite a bit of work throughout (bind, init, column counts, etc).
+ Also not clear if it is a good idea to always ignore duplicates
+ (could actually be a mistake) or only if the column name is
+ specified explicitly (still can be a mistake). Or mark it as a
+ duplicate with a special pragma.
+ Is this a special case of something like "expression columns"? It
+ seems the only place where such a duplicate column will actually
+ be mentioned is the SELECT statement.