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-The following instructions describe how to work with the source code that was
-checked out from the git repository.
-The major difference between using a released source code package and source
-code from the repository is that the former does not contain autotools-based
-makefiles or Visual Studio project files. Instead, it contains templates for
-these files as well as its own, custom build system. This build system is
-used for development as well as to automatically generate the autotools and
-Visual Studio files.
-This file describes how to use this build system to build the package as well
-as to create a release-ready source distribution which contains the autotools
-build system and Visual Studio project files.
-Besides the prerequisites listed in the INSTALL file, you will need the
-following additional packages:
- - GNU bash >= 2.0.0 http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/
- - GNU make >= 3.81 http://www.gnu.org/software/make/
- - build >= 0.3.8 http://www.codesynthesis.com/projects/build/
-If you are planning to create the source code distributions, then you will
-also need the following packages:
- - GNU m4 >= 1.4.0 http://www.gnu.org/software/m4/
- - GNU sed >= 4.0.0 http://www.gnu.org/software/sed/
- - tofrodos >= 1.7.0 http://www.thefreecountry.com/tofrodos/
-Any reasonably up to date GNU/Linux installation would normally have all of
-the above packages already present, except for build and maybe tofrodos.
-Configuring and Building
-To build the source code simply run make in the root directory of the package.
-The first time you run make, the build process will also configure the
-package by asking you several questions. On the subsequent runs, make will
-only rebuild what has changed.
-To run the automated test suite (if any), run 'make test'. To clean the object
-files, executables, etc., run 'make clean'. To de-configure the package (that
-is, to remove configuration files in addition to objects, executables, etc.),
-run 'make disfigure'.
-Creating Distribution
-To create the source code distribution, use the dist make target as well as
-the dist_prefix variable to specify the directory where the distribution files
-should be placed. For example:
-make dist dist_prefix=/tmp/package-1.1.0
-Once the distribution files are ready, change to the distribution directory
-and run the bootstrap script to bootstrap the autotools build system, for
-cd /tmp/package-1.1.0
-To create the source code archives, use the autotools build system. First
-configuring the package (see the INSTALL file for more information on this
-step) and then use the dist target to make the archives, for example:
-make dist