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incremental option parsing."
+ bool --no-combined-flags
+ {
+ "Disable support for combining multiple single-character flags into a
+ single argument (the \cb{-xyz} form that is equivalent to \cb{-x} \cb{-y}
+ \cb{-z}). An argument is considered a combination of flags if it starts
+ with a single option prefix (\cb{--option-prefix}) and only contains
+ letters and digits. Note that an option with a value may not be part of
+ such a combination, not even if it is specified last."
+ }
+ bool --no-combined-values
+ {
+ "Disable support for combining an option and its value into a single
+ argument with the assignment sign (the \c{\i{option}\b{=}\i{value}}
+ form). This functionality requires a non-empty option prefix
+ (\cb{--option-prefix})."
+ }
bool --include-with-brackets
"Use angle brackets (\cb{<>}) instead of quotes (\cb{\"\"}) in the