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Add --std option with c++{98,11,14} values; use function-static in C++11
This way we can use option descriptions during static initialization (e.g., of an Apache module).
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Search \fIdir\fR for bracket-included (\fB<>\fR) options files\.
.IP "\fB--output-dir\fR|\fB-o\fR \fIdir\fR"
Write the generated files to \fIdir\fR instead of the current directory\.
+.IP "\fB--std\fR \fIversion\fR"
+Specify the C++ standard that should be used during compilation\. Valid values
+are \fBc++98\fR (default), \fBc++11\fR, and \fBc++14\fR\.
.IP "\fB--generate-modifier\fR"
Generate option value modifiers in addition to accessors\.
.IP "\fB--generate-specifier\fR"