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Separate tests and examples into individual packages
Also make cli module to be explicitly enabled via the config.cli configuration variable.
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-# file : buildfile
-# license : MIT; see accompanying LICENSE file
-d = cli/ unit-tests/
-# Building examples/ and tests/ while bootstrapping the compiler is tricky.
-# What we are going to do is omit these two directories if there is no cli
-# compiler yet. Once it's built the user can reconfigure the project which
-# will enable tests and examples. Alternatively, the user can install the
-# compiler and test the installation with out-of-tree builds of tests/ and
-# examples/.
-# Note that to make sure we don't pick up some system-installed cli, we
-# default (in to leaving the cli module unconfigured.
-# Also note that creating distribution with the cli module unconfigured, you
-# will end up with incomplete distribution directory (without tests, examples
-# and options.cli file).
-if $cli.configured
- d += tests/ examples/
-./: $d doc{INSTALL LICENSE NEWS README} manifest
-# Don't install examples, tests or the INSTALL file.
-examples/: install = false
-tests/: install = false
-unit-tests/: install = false
-doc{INSTALL}@./: install = false