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+Building on UNIX-like operating systems requires GNU make 3.81 or later.
+Most recent GNU/Linux distributions should already have this version
+installed. To check the GNU make version run make (or gmake) with the
+--version option.
+Unless you are using the cli+dep package, you will also need to install
+build 0.3.4 or later:
+The cli+dep package comes with the necessary build files bundled.
+To build the compiler, tests, and examples simply run make in the root
+directory of the package. To run the automated tests, run 'make test'.
+To clean the object file, executables, etc., run 'make clean'. To de-
+configure the package (that is, remove configuration files in addition
+to objects, executables, etc.), run 'make disfigure'.
+Project and solution files for Visual C++ will be provided in the future.
+For now, you can create an empty console project and add all the source
+files in the cli/ directory to it.