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Separate tests and examples into individual packages
Also make cli module to be explicitly enabled via the config.cli configuration variable.
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-Unless you are using the cli+dep package, you will also need to install
-the following dependencies:
- libcutl >= 1.1.0
-Additionally, for UNIX-like operating systems:
- build >= 0.3.5
-The cli+dep package comes with the necessary dependencies bundled.
-Building on UNIX-like operating systems requires GNU make 3.81 or later.
-Most recent GNU/Linux distributions should already have this version
-installed. To check the GNU make version run make (or gmake) with the
---version option.
-To build the compiler, tests, and examples simply run make in the root
-directory of the package. To run the automated test suite, run 'make test'.
-To clean the object files, executables, etc., run 'make clean'. To de-
-configure the package (that is, remove configuration files in addition
-to objects, executables, etc.), run 'make disfigure'.
-To install the CLI compiler, examples, and documentation use the install
-target, for example:
-$ make install_prefix=/usr install
-You can fine-tune the installation locations with the following make
-install_prefix default is /usr/local
-install_data_prefix default is install_prefix
-install_exec_prefix default is install_prefix
-install_bin_dir default is install_exec_prefix/bin
-install_sbin_dir default is install_exec_prefix/sbin
-install_lib_dir default is install_exec_prefix/lib
-install_data_dir default is install_data_prefix/share
-install_inc_dir default is install_data_prefix/include
-install_doc_dir default is install_data_dir/doc
-install_man_dir default is install_data_dir/man
-install_info_dir default is install_data_dir/info
-Project and solution files are provided for Visual C++ 8.0 (2005) and
-9.0 (2008). To build the CLI compiler, open and build the corresponding
-solution file in the cli\ directory. After the build is complete, the
-compiler executable can be found in the cli\ directory. You can also
-build examples by opening and building one of the solution files in the
-examples\ directory.
+CLI uses itself for command line options parsing which makes it a bit tricky
+to develop. Below is one way to setup the development environment:
+$ git clone .../cli.git
+$ cd cli
+$ bdep init -C ../builds/main @main cc # Main build.
+$ bdep update # Using pre-geneared code.
+$ bdep init -d cli/ -C ../builds/save @save cc # "Saved" build.
+$ bdep update @save
+# @@ This does not currently work because bdep (bpkg) will drop it on next
+# sync (reconfigure).
+#$ b configure: ../builds/main/cli/ \
+# config.cli="$(realpath ../builds/save/cli/cli/cli)"
+$ echo >>../builds/main/build/ \
+ "cli/ config.cli=$(realpath ../builds/save/cli/cli/cli)"
+$ bdep update # Regenerate code.
+Then, when making changes that affect the generated code, perform the
+following sequence of steps (the key thing to keep in mind is that the saved
+configuration will use generated code from source directory that is
+backlinked during the main build):
+$ b cli/ # Regenerate using old saved.
+$ bdep update @save # Update saved.
+$ b cli/ # Regenerate using new saved.
+$ bdep update @save # Update saved.