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+This example shows how to save/load the object model to/from a custom
+format using the Boost serialization library as an example. You will
+need the Boost serialization library[1] installed in order to build
+and run this example.
+The example consists of the following files:
+ XML Schema which describes a library of books.
+ Sample XML instance document.
+ Boost archive insertion and extraction operators for fundamental
+ types. You will need to provide a similar set of operators for
+ your own stream types.
+ Contains a number of #include directives that are inserted into
+ the generated code by the XSD compiler. The included files are:
+ boost/archive/text_oarchive.hpp, boost/archive/text_oarchive.hpp,
+ boost-archive-insertion.hxx, and boost-archive-insertion.hxx.
+ C++ types that represent the given vocabulary as well as Boost
+ archive insertion and extraction operations. These are generated
+ by the XSD compiler from library.xsd. The --hxx-prologue-file
+ option is used to insert the contents of the library-prologue.hxx
+ file into the generated header file. The --generate-insertion and
+ --generate-extraction options are used to generate the insertion
+ and extraction operations for text_oarchive and text_iarchive
+ types.
+ Driver for the example. It first calls one of the parsing functions
+ that constructs the object model from the input XML file. It then
+ saves the object model to text_oarchive and loads it back from
+ text_iarchive. Additionally, it prints the resulting text
+ representation as well as the content of the object model before
+ saving it to text_oarchive and after loading it from text_iarchive.
+To run the example on the sample XML instance document simply execute:
+$ ./driver library.xml