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Add support for selective polymorphic in C++/Tree
New options: --polymorphic-type, --polymorphic-type-all.
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Generate polymorphism-aware code. Specify this option if you use substitution
groups or
.BR xsi:type .
+Use the
+.B --polymorphic-type
+.B --polymorphic-type-all
+option to specify which type hierarchies are polymorphic.
+.IP "\fB\--polymorphic-type \fItype\fR"
+Indicate that
+.I type
+is a root of a polymorphic type hierarchy. The compiler can often
+automatically determine which types are polymorphic based on the
+substitution group declarations. However, you may need to use this
+option if you are not using substitution groups or if substitution
+groups are defined in another schema. You need to specify this option
+when compiling every schema file that references
+.IR type .
+.I type
+argument is an XML Schema type name that can be optionally qualified
+with a namespace in the
+.IB namespace # name
+.IP "\fB\--polymorphic-type-all\fR"
+Indicate that all types should be treated as polymorphic.
.IP "\fB\--generate-serialization\fR"
Generate serialization functions. Serialization functions convert