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diff --git a/odb/relational/common.hxx b/odb/relational/common.hxx
index c117be5..bc7e034 100644
--- a/odb/relational/common.hxx
+++ b/odb/relational/common.hxx
@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ namespace relational
semantics::data_member& m; // Member.
semantics::type& t; // Cvr-unqualified member C++ type, note
// that m.type () may not be the same as t.
+ const custom_cxx_type* ct; // Translation used for t, if any.
semantics::class_* ptr; // Pointed-to object if m is an object
// pointer. In this case t is the id type
// while fq_type_ is the pointer fq-type.
@@ -146,12 +147,14 @@ namespace relational
member_info (semantics::data_member& m_,
semantics::type& t_,
+ const custom_cxx_type* ct_,
semantics::type* wrapper_,
bool cq_,
string& var_,
string const& fq_type)
: m (m_),
t (t_),
+ ct (ct_),
ptr (0),
wrapper (wrapper_),
cq (cq_),