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@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ Version 2.4.0
equivalent for database systems that support it). For details, refer to
Section 10.5, "View Query Conditions" in the ODB manual.
+ * Support for persisting std::deque containers.
* Besides odb::stderr_tracer there is now odb::stderr_full_tracer that
traces statement preparations and deallocations in addition to their
executions. This new implementation can be useful when you want to
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@@ -5778,8 +5778,8 @@ db.query_factory (
<p>The ODB runtime library provides built-in persistence support for all the
commonly used standard C++98/03 containers, namely,
- <code>std::vector</code>, <code>std::list</code>, <code>std::set</code>,
- <code>std::multiset</code>, <code>std::map</code>, and
+ <code>std::vector</code>, <code>std::list</code>, <code>std::deque</code>,
+ <code>std::set</code>, <code>std::multiset</code>, <code>std::map</code>, and
<code>std::multimap</code> as well as C++11 <code>std::array</code>,
<code>std::forward_list</code>, <code>std::unordered_set</code>,
<code>std::unordered_multiset</code>, <code>std::unordered_map</code>,
@@ -5876,7 +5876,7 @@ private:
<p>In ODB an ordered container is any container that maintains (explicitly
or implicitly) an order of its elements in the form of an integer index.
Standard C++ containers that are ordered include <code>std::vector</code>
- and <code>std::list</code> as well as C++11 <code>std::array</code> and
+ <code>std::list</code>, and <code>std::deque</code> as well as C++11 <code>std::array</code> and
<code>std::forward_list</code>. While elements in <code>std::set</code>
are also kept in a specific order, this order is not based on an
integer index but rather on the relationship between elements. As