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Version 2.5.0
+ * Support for mapping C++ types as other C++ types. For example:
+ #pragma db map type(bool) as(std::string) \
+ to((?) ? "true" : "false") from((?) == "true")
+ @@ Ref to the manual.
+ * Support for nested object ids. Now the 'id' pragma specifier can optionally
+ include the data member path to the id inside a composite value. For
+ example:
+ #pragma db id(first)
+ std::pair<int, int> p;
+ Note that one somewhat counter-intuitive aspect of this new feature is
+ that the whole member marked with id ('p' in the above example) and not
+ just the actual id member ('p.first' in the above example) is treated as
+ readonly.
+ Such nested id also cannot be automatically assigned ('auto' specifier).
* Support for defining views as instantiations of C++ class templates,
similar to objects and composite value types.
+ * Allow the use of object pointers as map keys. Also remove the restriction
+ for map keys and set values to be NOT NULL.
+ * New 'points_to' pragma allows the establishment of relationship without
+ using object pointers.
+ * The 'inverse' pragma now supports nested data members.
+ * Helper header (<odb/nested-container.hxx>) for nested container emulation.
+ It is still fairly experimental and only supports vector<vector<T>>.
+ * Database classes are now move-constructible. This means they can be
+ returned by value from a function in C++11.
* Support for SQLite incremental BLOB/TEXT I/O (the sqlite3_blob_open()
functionality). For details, refer to Section 18.1.3, "Incremental
BLOB/TEXT I/O" in the ODB manual.
+ * In PostgreSQL a SELECT statement in a view that is prefixed with the
+ /*CALL*/ comment is recognized and handled as a stored procedure call.
Version 2.4.0
* Support for object loading views. Object loading views allow loading of