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@@ -43,10 +43,7 @@ default have the following names:
.B name-odb.hxx
(header file),
.B name-odb.ixx
-(inline file, generated unless
-.B --suppress-inline
-option is specified), and
+(inline file), and
.B name-odb.cxx
(source file). Additionally, if the
.B --generate-schema
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in the single-database mode (the default), the generated C++ files
by default have the following names:
<code><b>name-odb.hxx</b></code> (header file),
- <code><b>name-odb.ixx</b></code> (inline file, generated unless
- the <code><b>--suppress-inline</b></code> option is specified), and
+ <code><b>name-odb.ixx</b></code> (inline file), and
<code><b>name-odb.cxx</b></code> (source file).
Additionally, if the <code><b>--generate-schema</b></code> option is