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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ Version 2.4.0
* Support for object loading views. Object loading views allow loading of
one or more complete objects instead of, or in addition to, a subset of
- data member and with a single SELECT statement execution. For details,
+ data members and with a single SELECT statement execution. For details,
refer to Section 10.2, "Object Loading Views" in the ODB manual.
* Support for bulk operations in Oracle and SQL Server. Bulk operations
diff --git a/doc/manual.xhtml b/doc/manual.xhtml
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--- a/doc/manual.xhtml
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@@ -10387,7 +10387,7 @@ struct employer_view
employ seniors:</p>
<pre class="cxx">
-typedef odb::query&lt;employee_employer> query;
+typedef odb::query&lt;employer_view> query;
db.query&lt;employer_view> (query::employee::age > 65)