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Clarify that only pointer-returning load()/find() cache
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@@ -11487,8 +11487,9 @@ namespace odb
<p>A session is an object cache. Every time a session-enabled object is
made persistent by calling the <code>database::persist()</code> function
(<a href="#3.8">Section 3.8, "Making Objects Persistent"</a>), loaded
- by calling the <code>database::load()</code> or <code>database::find()</code>
- function (<a href="#3.9">Section 3.9, "Loading Persistent Objects"</a>),
+ by calling the <code>database::load()</code> or
+ <code>database::find()</code> function (the pointer-returning overloads
+ only; <a href="#3.9">Section 3.9, "Loading Persistent Objects"</a>),
or loaded by iterating over a query result (<a href="#4.4">Section 4.4,
"Query Result"</a>), the pointer to the persistent object, in the form
of the canonical object pointer (<a href="#3.3">Section 3.3, "Object