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Documentation fixes1.6.0
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diff --git a/doc/manual.xhtml b/doc/manual.xhtml
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--- a/doc/manual.xhtml
+++ b/doc/manual.xhtml
@@ -6230,7 +6230,7 @@ struct employee_residence
<p>While there is a relationship between <code>country</code> and
<code>employee</code>, it is ambiguous. It can be
<code>employee::residence_</code> (which is what we want) or
- it can be <code>employee::location_</code> (which we don't
+ it can be <code>employee::nationality_</code> (which we don't
want). As result, when compiling the above view, the ODB
compiler will issue an error indicating an ambiguous object
relationship. To resolve this ambiguity, we can explicitly
@@ -6264,6 +6264,10 @@ struct employee_country
+ <p>Note that correctly defining data members in this view requires
+ the use of a mechanism that we haven't yet covered. We will
+ see how to do this shortly.</p>
<p>If we assign an alias to an object and refer to a data member of
this object in one of the join conditions, we have to use the
unqualified alias name instead of the potentially qualified