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Allow lambdas & std::functions as query factories with C++-98 builds of libodb
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! Copyright update [doc]
-! C++11 support is not trully header only [c++11]
! Statement name truncation in PostgreSQL [pgsql]
There seems to be a limit on the prepared statement name in PG. The result
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* support via bool flag and make user instantiate - burdensome
* support via bool flag and instantiate stderr_full_tracer - code bloat
but seems the best option
++ C++11 support is not trully header only [c++11]
+ Added a new class details::function_wrapper<F>, which can be used similarly
+ to std::function<F>. In particular, C++11 code can construct a
+ function_wrapper from a lambda, or a std::function, or another
+ function_wrapper. But it differs from std::function in this respect:
+ C++98 code can declare and define function_wrapper objects.
+ Now all builds (98 or 11) of libodb keep their callbacks in
+ function_wrappers. C++11 user code can register std::functions or lambdas as
+ callbacks, and the glue that turns those into function_wrappers for libodb is
+ header-only.
+ This technique is currently used for data migrations and query factories.