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Make #pragma once work
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! Document MSSQL stored procedure call support [doc,mssql]
-! Warning on #pragma once in the main file
- Doesn't seem like there is a clean way to disable this warning in GCC
- (e.g., no access to the GCC's data structures to override the handler
- or some such).
- The only feasible idea so far is to filter the diagnostics.
- Document character encoding used to return text for each database [doc]
! Copyright update [doc]
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++ Warning on #pragma once in the main file
+ Current implementation changes libcpp's internal state to make the logic
+ work and filters the warning via libcpp's diagnostics callback.
+ An alternative approach would be to actually #include the header into
+ stdin rather than sourcing, just it like we do for the at-once mode.
+ This would require filtering stderr and removing all the "Included
+ from ..." lines (good we can choose the file id so can work around
+ translation). Also, the rather non-trivial header inclusion logic
+ (odb/include.?xx) will have to be adjusted. See also paper notes.
+ Statement name truncation in PostgreSQL [pgsql]
There seems to be a limit on the prepared statement name in PG. The result