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+This directory contains project/solution files for building SQLite libraries
+with Microsoft Visual Studio versions 9 and 10.
+To build SQLite, you will need to download two SQLite packages: sqlite-
+amalgamation and sqlite-dll. Copy the sqlite3.c and sqlite3.h files from the
+first package and the sqlite3.def file from the second package into the
+directory with the project/solution files. Then open the solution and build
+the desired configurations (Debug/Release) and platforms (Win32/x64).
+The resulting 32-bit DLLs and import libraries are placed into the bin\ and
+lib\ sub-directories, respectively. Similarly, the 64-bit DLLs and import
+libraries are placed into bin64\ and lib64\. The Release versions of the
+import libraries are named sqlite3.lib and the Debug versions are named
+To configure Visual Studio to automatically locate the SQLite header, DLLs,
+and import libraries, add the following paths to your VC++ Directories (below
+sqlite refers to the build directory):
+ Include: ...\sqlite
+ Library: ...\sqlite\lib
+ Executable: ...\sqlite\bin
+ Include: ...\sqlite
+ Library: ...\sqlite\lib64
+ Executable: ...\sqlite\bin64