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@@ -234,6 +234,28 @@ class options
\c{\"\\<name>=<val>\"} syntax."
+ std::vector<std::string> --link-regex
+ {
+ "<regex>",
+ "Add <regex> to the list of regular expressions used to transform link
+ targets in the generated documentation. The argument to this option
+ is a Perl-like regular expression in the form
+ \c{\b{/}\i{pattern}\b{/}\i{replacement}\b{/}}. Any character can be
+ used as a delimiter instead of '\cb{/}' and the delimiter can be escaped
+ inside \ci{pattern} and \ci{replacement} with a backslash (\cb{\\}).
+ You can specify multiple regular expressions by repeating this option.
+ All the regular expressions are tried in the order specified and the
+ first expression that matches is used. Use the \cb{--link-regex-trace}
+ option to debug link transformation."
+ };
+ bool --link-regex-trace
+ {
+ "Trace the process of applying regular expressions specified with the
+ \cb{--link-regex} option. Use this option to find out why your regular
+ expressions don't do what you expected them to do."
+ };
// Prologues.
std::vector<std::string> --hxx-prologue